“What compels and attracts me most is creativity: the quiet waiting space that propels ART. The empty silence is an invitation to the Muse. Layered, colorful, textured monoprints are created quickly through deep focus and playful risk. They are brought forth without expectation or high drama. They are a dance with the MUSE.” -Pamela Becker

Mixed media monoprints are original works on paper created with non-toxic inks, layered messages of printmaking, paint, drawing, collage and poetry. They usually begin on a printers proofing press; paints and textures on plexi-glass run at least once through the hand press. Then the image speaks to the artist to witness an interpretation. Layers are printed, drawn, written and integrated until complete. Their titles are a simultaneous part of their conception.

If there is no price below, the original has been sold but giclees are available.

Archival Giclees Available: 9" x12" $28, 11" x 14" $45, 16" x 20" $95, call 928.282.3189 for larger sizes


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